Island Frydays

  • Address: 2826 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45219
  • Phone number: (513) 498-0680
  • Website:

This is a Jamaican restaurant in Cincinnati, OH. I’ve been promising myself for a while to get some real Jamaican food in the city. Finally made it there to try it out…


Meal: Curry goat / rice & pea / plantain / cabbage / Chicken patties (side)


The curry goat was decent, but they didn’t cut away the fat, so be prepared for some extra surgical cuts before you get to any meat. The plantains were not hard, but you could tell they had been sitting under a heat lamp for a while. The rice and peas was OK as well. I didn’t get any of their gravy, which was a good call, because there was enough curry sauce to keep all the rice moist. I got some cabbage on the side, which was… cabbage-y. Don’t know if I’ll get this again from here. There was a *lot* of sawing away at this fat meat…

They didn’t have any beef patties, so I got some chicken patties instead. The patties were almost white (not deep yellow), which was unusual. It didn’t taste like there was a lot of chicken in there, and what was there was closer to paste than true chunks. I’ll treat that as acceptable for a beef patty, but for a chicken patty, I want some real chicken pieces inside.

I’m going to try the jerk chicken next.

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