• Artist – Album: Public Image Ltd – Album / Cassette / Compact Disc

Where to start with this one? This is Public Image Ltd (PiL) at their best. Great music that you have a hard time finding, because I can’t even list the proper name of the album. They actually changed the name of the album based on the release medium. They actually did this. So the vinyl is called “Album”, the cassette tape is called “Cassette”, and the compact disc is called “Compact Disc”. Really.

The lyrics are fuzzy, but it’s something about “these things in ease”. What’s important is that it sounds epic. And it should, because it had epic people playing on it. Steve Vai(!) on guitar and Ginger Baker(!!) (of Cream fame) on the drums. The superstars replaced John Lydon’s touring band, which led to a lot of arguments in bars, but ended up producing a truly great album. A post-rock masterpiece, really.

So why choose this song? Well, we lost Ginger Baker on Sunday, and I was introduced to a fair bit of his music by an article offering up a track retrospective of his career. A lot of African music, as he spent much of the 1970’s there. And also this. RIP. 

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