Dreaming (Tell Me)

  • Artist – Album: Yngwie Malmsteen – Odyssey

This may be the most relentlessly 80’s song of all time. Neo-classical guitar solo? Check. Heavy-metal high tenor singer? Checkity-check. Bland lyrics evoking women on car hoods and men with bigger hair than the ladies? Triple check-check-check!

So why is it on replay on my playlist? The world may never know.

Also, Malmsteen is the all-time shred master. Just accept it.

Google Play Music Link: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bkovjc7en3o5o5fyyjwh3hbu4p4&tid=song-T3um2uonvqxmfbqq4jgonv4dol4

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