Why Bother, Biden?

So, the big Democratic debate on CNN came and went, and, of course, Joe Biden wasn’t there.¬†At this point, why bother?


His camp is indicating that there’s going to be some kind of announcement, but is he even necessary at this point? He was supposed to be the alternative to Hilary “Email Scandal” Clinton, but she seemed just fine on the stage. And he made it clear that, at least a few weeks ago, he didn’t have the “fire in the belly” to become president. What’s to make me think he feel more strongly now?

It’s abundantly clear what’s really going on – he sees a chance to be president, and he doesn’t want to close the door on the ambition, even though he doesn’t really, REALLY want it anymore. So we have to go through this kabuki dance of him pretending to get ready, and us pretending to care.

The real truth, though, is that if he doesn’t know whether he wants to do it by now, it’s too late. Sometimes no answer is answer enough. And when it’s something as hard to reach as the presidency, late isn’t good enough.

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