This Is Zoom’s Time

Until COVID-19, I had never heard of Zoom. Now it’s everywhere. Why?

Backing up a bit, Zoom Video Communications is free video conferencing software that I totally didn’t need until Hangouts retreated and left a hole in the market. To be clear, Hangouts Meet is still around, but just for the G Suite enterprise market. Now, all of a sudden, lots of people need to meet together online, and Zoom is filling the need.

They’ve had to deal with a massive surge of users, and Zoom-bombing (strangers hijacking public streams to insert hateful, racist or explicit sexual content), but in general it’s been a great boon to people.If you haven’t used it before, it’s worth it to try it out once with your friends and family, at least to understand how it works and get more comfortable with it. Because at this rate, sooner or later, you’re going to have to use it. Stay safe out there.

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