Tears Of Rage

  • Artist – Album: The Band – Music From Big Pink

This is where it all starts for The BandTheir first song on their first solo album. Like almost all of this group’s songs, it has no right to be successful. A mournful dirge about something something father, something something thief, something something alone. “And life is brief.” So not the most upbeat lyrics. It marks their breakaway from Bob Dylan. Well, kinda. It is still Bob’s song. So not a real break either. But still… you should listen because…

LOOK! STOP PRESSURING ME, ALL RIGHT?!! It’s a Monday, and I like the song, and it’s got solid lyrics, so just, you know, give it a listen.

Please. 🙂

Google Play Music Link: https://play.google.com/music/m/Tpbtxjuyxk4pyanzqrspi7np5qu?t=Tears_Of_Rage_-_The_Band

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