Never Felt Like This Before

  • Artist – Album: Charlie Smalls – John Cassavetes’ Faces Soundtrack

John Cassavetes’ movie Faces is one of the most searing experiences I’ve ever seen on film. Several of the extended scenes were so personal, so conversationally intimate, it was almost literally hard to watch.

It had a good soundtrack as well. Here’s one song on the soundtrack from Charlie Smalls, a musical genius who also wrote the music for The Wiz. Like the movie, this song is intimate, a soft-spoken R&B stream of consciousness whose title reflects not just the movie, but the tumultuous times the movie showcases.

We lost Charlie entirely too early at 43 to a burst appendix. This song is an unrealized promise of what could have been. RIP.

Note: There are two versions of this song on the soundtrack; a vocal and an instrumental version. This post is talking about the vocal.

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