I Wanna Be Your Lover

  • Artist – Album: Prince – Prince

Everyone Partyup! Prince is FINALLY available on regular streaming services: Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and Apple Music. And no, Tidal is NOT a regular streaming service.

I literally found out the news a few minutes after I posted last week’s Music Monday selection, and so I had all week to think about it. And I’m going to dedicate the whole week to Prince’s music!

…Except that he’s not available on YouTube. Still. So I can’t show any example of his music to people who haven’t signed up for a streaming service. *sigh*

So guess what? I’m not doing the week after all. In fact, I barely decided to do today’s song at all. It’s a testament to his magnitude as an artist that I’m even bothering to go through with this fruitless exercise of featuring a song not all of you can play.

The situation is simple: If I can’t feature a song for new listeners on YouTube in a Music Monday post, there’s no point.

So I guess you win, Prince, You win. You get to keep your profits, and now people don’t listen to your music. The kids today don’t even know who you are. And if I can’t give them a taste of your funk along with the millions of other songs on Youtube, I’m not going to bother letting them know.


Google Play Music Link: https://play.google.com/music/m/Tb5gkjyya5lnpv6avukzg2fd6he?t=I_Wanna_Be_Your_Lover_-_Prince

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