Cortez The Killer

  • Artist – Album: Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Zuma

I’ve deleted my music from Google Play Music twice out of frustration with both tagging and organization.  But now the official Re-Up of 2012 has begun!  FLAC files, correct artist and album art – it’s progressing nicely.  It looks like the fixes are here to stay.

As I re-upload, I’m going to share tracks I enjoy on Mondays.

I’m sharing Neil Young because he’s coughCanadiancough never going to get play on current radio with a seven-and-a-half song, no matter how good it is.  You can listen here, though.  Radio’s loss, our gain.

Side note: I listed to the first half of this song almost 20 times before I realized there were lyrics after the three minute mark.  I literally didn’t know – I just kept skipping after a few minutes to the next song. #PlayNextTriggerFingerFail  

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