Theresa May’s Loss Is Jeremy Corbyn’s Gain

From majority to minority and an emboldened opposition. Great job, UK Conservatives.

I haven’t been following much of UK politics since Brexit. But once I realized a snap election was happening, I… still didn’t pay attention. But then we got the results. Whoa. I didn’t even know Theresa May already had a majority. And pulling a snap election three years early? Why? At least, I know that’s what she is asking herself. She tried to get a bigger majority based on faulty polls, and instead ended up with a hung parliament. At least she beat Lord Buckethead. (By the way, you totally owe it to yourself to check out Lord Buckethead. Go. Now.)

Now that you’re back, join me in congratulating Jeremy Corbyn. I have to hand it to the guy: he is an absolute master at paying absolutely no attention to more than half his party telling him to go away. I mean, why take a 172-40 no confidence vote to heart? Just close your eyes, yell “LALALA” and hang on by your fingernails until the very, very end. And it worked! The party gained 40 seats, and magically, people un-forgot his phone number and started congratulating him.

So what now? Brexit negotiations have to be wrapped up in less than two years, May has no majority anymore, and Corbyn will be hounding her at every turn. I’m guessing people may be forgetting May’s number pretty soon…

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