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Google Buzz: The First Real Facebook Alternative

I signed up to Facebook a few weeks ago, and quickly found myself overwhelmed with needless traffic. The signal to noise ratio was off the charts. Important conversations disappeared from my screen whenever someone got an endless list of people who liked their status. And what’s with this FarmVille? I wanted out almost as soon as I got in. So when Google Buzz came along, I jumped on it. Social networking in my email box? Sign me up!
Google Buzz handles the signal-to-noise ratio problem sensibly: Move a Buzz with lots of conversation to the top of the pile, while others stay at the bottom. Updates appear in real time, so (in general) there’s no need to press the refresh button. No crazy Application updates (FarmVille, I’m looking at you!), much better and faster photo/video sharing, and all attached to a world-class email client. Perfect, right?
Then the Google Buzz privacy firestorm hit.
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